High-Quality Trainings and Workshops

Option 1: Tailor-Cut Training Documents for internal usage

For this option, I deliver a set of documents that you can freely use for training people in your organization. The delivery of the documents also includes two free training sessions that will be held by me.

The documents are developed based an your individual requirements. So – if you have a topic that your employees need training on – just contact me. If you need to figure out w, you might want to consider assessing the potentials of digitalization for your organization with me first – or browse through my existing training components listed below.

Pricing: 5.000-10.000 €, depending on the scope and topic of the training documents.

Interested? Let’s discuss the details in a personal meeting. Just contact me!

Option 2: Modular Trainings on Digitalization 5.0

With this option, you can freely put together your own training plan based on the following set of training components. All components are offered in both english and german.

Training Component A: „Digitalization 5.0 – Combining Reality and Simulation through Digital Twins“

This training delivers the theoretical foundations on relevant topics that currently drive Digitalization in Industry. After this theoretical input, an interactive discussion should lead to more detailed elaboration of topics that participants are interested in.
As a result, participants should have a first idea of digitalization potentials they can leverage within their organization.

Pricing: 1.500 €/Training, for an unlimited number of employees

Training Component B: „Efficiently Implementing Digitalization through Digital Twins“

In this 4-hour training, participants get the necessary practical knowledge to implement software systems that improve business processes through digitalization.

Topics include

  • Overview of relevant technologies, from Deep Learning, 3D Simulation, to Digital Twins
  • Market Overview of existing tools for each technologies
  • A Method to efficiently integrate different tools into a Digital Twin based software architecture
  • A Tool to efficiently configure individual tools of the integrated software architecture

Pricing: 3.000 €/Training, for an unlimited number of employees

Training Component C: Workshop „From Data Producers to Digital Twins“

In this full-day training, participants implement their own Digital Twin based architectures to realize digitalization ideas for their organization.

Kosten: 5.000 €/Workshop, for up to 10 employees

Training Component D: „The New Age of Software Development“

In this theory-packed training, participants learn requirements that the Internet of Things pose on traditional software engineering, and the skills that software engineers need to cope with these new requirements.

Topics include

  • Working with data
  • Connecting software and hardware
  • Standards and Communication protocols for interacting with hardware?

As a result, participants Ergebnis sollte ein kleines, lauffähiges System sein

Pricing: 1.500 €/Training, for an unlimited number of employees


You can put together any of the above-mentioned training components and book your individualized training on-site* or at an external location**, for an unlimited amount of employees, by getting in contact with me.

* on-site trainings outside Austria might come with extra cost for transportation + accomodation of the trainer
** trainings at external locations might come with extra costs for location, transportation + accomodation.