Summary of my work on Software Testing

I’ve extensively published my view on software testing in ~100 posts on the Devmate Blog. If you don’t have the time to browse through all these articles, I’ve summarizes my main tools I’m using to efficiently create high-quality unit tests for informatik-aktuell (german content).

I’ve also been digging into the topic of systems testing, doing a two-part interview with testing experts Simone Gronau and Hans Quecke from Vector Informatik (here’s the link to part 1 and part 2). I’ve also collected my personal insights from this interview in an article for the coders kitchen blog, which is however not published yet.

Besides these rather practical takes on software testing, I’ve also done research on the potential of AI for software testing, and unit testing in particular. This has led to my first article in the heise iX magazine, which was even selected for re-publishing in a special issue on AI for software engineering. Based on this article, I’ve also given a talk at the Software Quality Days in Vienna, and the German Testing Days.

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