Summary of my Work on Artificial Intelligence

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence these days. Although I’m definitely not claiming to be an expert in this area, I’ve been working quite a lot on how to automate software testing using different AI techniques. I’ve summarized my main findings in a talk given at both the Software Quality Days in Vienna, and the German Testing Days (both contents in german). This talk is based on an article I’ve previously written for the german heise iX magazine, which has even been selected for republishing in a special issue of the iX on AI-based software engineering.

This content was created based on a research project I’ve been part of, a master thesis that I’ve supervised based on this project, and some work that I have published for the Devmate blog before. Besides these talks, I’ve also applied Genetic Algorithms as one AI technique in my research on Digital Twins, as you can read here.

Based on this experience, I’ve also been interviewed after the ChatGPT-Hype by the Wiener Bildungsserver on my take of Artificial Intelligence. You can read up the outcomes here.

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